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    Providing Sewer Repair and Installation

    Rooter King is the best in the industry at opening and clearing clogged drains! Unfortunately sometimes a line may not be able to be opened. As a property owner it is your responsibility to maintain your building drains and sewer line. In most instances you are responsible for the sewer the whole way to the city main. This also includes the tap, or piece that connects to the city main, in most cases. Sometimes you may live in a Township or City that only holds you responsible to your curb or a certain distance from the street or sidewalk.

    Broken and leaking underground pipes are a health hazard and can cause erosion of your soil. Erosion can lead to sinkholes and collapsing driveways and basement floors. Leaking sewage lines may leach into nearby streams and underground water contaminating them causing a potential health hazard. When this happens a repair may be needed. As the industry’s best drain company, Rooter King can repair any sewer suffering from ailments such as:

    Breaks or Cracks

    Breaks, cracks, shifts, or collapsed pipe – Many of the homes in our area have clay pipes directing the water to the city sewers. Over time these pipes may become brittle and crack. Also these pipes may leach water over years, eroding the soil around them creating a void. This can cause the pipe to shift or fall. Erosion can also cause the soil from above to fall which can crack or cause a complete collapse. This isn’t as common with plastic pipes, but is still possible. Both the plastic and clay types of pipe can shift, crack, or break from freezing and thawing of the ground surrounding them. There are many other factors that may cause your pipe to suffer a break, crack, shift, or collapse but Rooter King will fix it.


    Sometimes a blockage can occur that cannot be opened. Many things can cause a blockage. Blockages can occur from foreign objects becoming wedged in the line, a lack of fall which does not push your solids down the line, shifts or breaks creating turbulence causing solids to settle, or cracks grabbing solids as they pass. All of these have a snowball type affect. The solids start to build up on the initial cause and just keep building up and back over time until the line becomes so constricted it can no longer keep up with the flow necessary to drain from your home. There are even blockages known as soft clogs, tissue clogs, or grease clogs (not always grease), that a cable can pass through but the clog doesn’t budge. These types of clogs usually build up over years and can be 25-50 feet long if not longer. Rooter King can locate the clog and remove it.

    Corroded Pipes

    A lot of commercial properties and older homes in the area have cast iron pipes under the inside of the dwelling. Over time these pipes start to corrode. As the pipes corrode the metal will appear to swell, constricting the flow. It resembles an artery closing off with plaque. As it corrodes the metal become jagged and flaky, grabbing hold of hair, toilet paper, and other solids. Also as it corrodes it creates a channel at the bottom of the pipe. Over time this channel will completely wear through to a point where your sewage can start to seep into the ground under your home. The bad part is that these jagged edges and channels will grab onto your solids and start to create a blockage which over time will stop or constrict flow to a point of an overflow inside the home. Rooter King can replace and update your corroded pipes.

    Leaking Unions

    Separations/Leaking Unions – Sometimes due to a shift or age the point at which two pipes join can separate. When this happens the water is able to escape the pipe into the surrounding dirt. Hydrostatic pressure can build and the water will try to find a place to go. Sometimes the surrounding earth will eventually absorb the water. Sometimes it will push back into the same bad joint that it escaped from. Other times it will do what is call tracing the pipe. It will actually flow on the outside of the pipe until it finds a way back in through another opening such as a bad joint, a crack, or separation. As you can imagine none of these are a good thing. Either way the sewage pollutes the dirt under your home and can start an erosion process which can cause further pipe shifting or hollow areas under your basement concrete floor. Rooter King can address these problems and resolve the issues with new sealed pipes.


    This is a condition reserved for plastic pipe. Bellies are when the pipe bows due to soil conditions or freezing and thawing. It can also be caused by improper installation. Unfortunately there are a lot of repairs needed to fix bellied lines in new tap-in services that are under a year old. We have seen many improperly installed SDR pipe with bellies. If a paving or brick pointing company wants to install your sewer, maybe call a professional excavation plumber like us or another reputable drain company and save yourself some major headaches. Bellies create a low point in the pipe which causes the water to pool. Imagine a river flowing into a lake, then a stream on the other side. All of the solids that are moving quickly hit the lake then slow down and settle. Over time these solids build up and create a soft clog, or tissue clog and will eventually halt or constrict flow and cause an overflow inside the dwelling. Bellies need removed and replaced with new pipe or require constant maintenance such as hydro jetting to clear the settling solids. Rooter King can either maintenance or replace the belly with new straight pipe, installed properly and to code.

    Root Invasion

    Roots are the usual suspect in older lines in the area. Most times roots can be removed enough to regain some sort of flow. But like shaving, they grow right back. The only way to remedy roots in a line is to replace the area where the roots are coming in. Roots not only create root balls and root walls, they grab onto paper and other solids causing blockages and eventual stoppages of flow. To us sewage is disgusting and we want it gone, but to a Silver Maple (the sewer killer supreme) or the shrubs decorating your front of house landscaping your sewer pipes are a never ending buffet of nutrients and moisture to feed from. Rooter King can help keep the roots at bay, or replace the invaded section of pipe with new sealed pipe so the roots will have to find nourishment elsewhere.

    Sub Standard Pipe

    Sometimes your pipes just need updated. There are many reasons this could be. Replacement might be required by your Township or Municipality to update or bring you to code in order to sell your home. You might have an issue and find out that you have the worst pipe in the world, Orangeburg pipe. Orangeburg is a tar paper like pipe that dries out and will crumble to the touch. Maybe you find out that someone installed substandard pipe such as a crush pipe or corrugated pipe not suitable for a sewage line. Sometimes you see the previous owner might have done a spot repair and installed a downsized pipe in a small sections which causes issues. No matter the reason, Rooter King can take care of the issue and get your lines to where they need to be.

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    Rooter King is the fastest growing, locally owned and operated drain and sewer cleaning specialist. We offer round the clock emergency service for no additional charge. We specialize in one thing and one thing only, opening and repairing your clogged drains and sewers. We are the best at what we do, its all we do. We service Westmoreland, Allegheny, Washington, Butler, Fayette, and Armstrong Counties. We offer free on site estimates with no hidden fees or trip charges. We offer a variety of services which include: small cable, large cable, high pressure jetting, camera inspections, camera line location, home buyer line inspections, excavation repairs, french drains, sewer stack repairs, toilet replacement, faucet and drain install, spill way and drainage solutions, and many more (If you are not sure just call us, we can at least point you in the right direction).

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    At Rooter King our mission is to strive to be the best of the best. We treat every customer as if they are our only customer. We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to anyone in need of our services. We have a policy of transparency at Rooter King. We thoroughly explain any work needed, answering any and all questions posed by any party involved. We work tirelessly at Rooter King to open every drain. If further diagnosis is needed, Rooter King has the knowledge and the patience to thoroughly diagnose and do whatever necessary to restore flow. We at Rooter King pride ourselves in the speed at which we handle this process, thus ensuring that Rooter King eliminates as much of our customer’s stress as possible, making their life normal once more.